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Why I created TropicsBeach?

Everyone knows that Florida is conducive to lazing around and lounging on its miles of beaches. Do you know the rest of the world and especially the best times to go to far destinations?

You will be happy to go to the other side of the world, to pay very dear and to undergo only rain, storms or even to bathe in a sea too cold. There is no more pleasure, no feelings of well-being on vacation. Everything is ruined because you only learn very little before you leave. You think that everyone thinks twice about the weather before choosing a trip, actually no!

Here are the pictures that you will not take, thanks to us:

How can we avoid going to the tropics during the tropical showers?

I would tell you to trust us 100% but the weather is capricious and nobody is never safe from a shower. Everything depends on what is the bearable level of each traveler. It goes without saying that TropicsBeach is oriented beaches, tropics and idleness, so let's say that an entire day of rain is not on the program.

Do not go in the tropics in bad season

The equatorial and intertropical zones are in general the regions where the most water falls. The rain gauge allows between 150 and 350 mm of monthly rain locally depending on the country. For Los Angeles, for example, it falls on average 15 mm per month, so seven to ten times more under the tropics, is it worse than Los Angeles? The answer is not clear, because rains are rarer but denser, apart from the big monsoons and cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes. It generally rains in the form of showers of short duration (15 minutes up to 2 hours) and then all dry in the same period of time. This means that the tropics are very frequent during wet seasons, often less invaded by tourists and also cheaper. Check out our beach destinations and find the icons indicating the tranquility or the risks below:

Sun   Perfect conditions to enjoy the beach.
Sun       Favorable conditions for enjoying the beach.
Sun and showers      Cloudy with sunny spells and thunderstorms.
Rain, showsers, storms or monsoons     Very strong tropical or monsoon rains.
Cyclone or hurricane/         Months at risk of cyclones with alerts level 1 to 5.
Sea bathing       Nice swimming at more than 26°C / 79°F.
Perfect trip  Everything is perfect for traveling.
The world records of rainfall are for India, Hongkong, Reunion Island and Hawaii.

Pay attention to the last minute trips offers, of course cheaper. If they are cheaper, so attractive is that no one wants it. Flights or hotels empty, so the braderie is open. It is possible to find a good deal but make sure not to be sent in a tropical storm of three days extra wet or during a cooler period (forget the swimsuit), especially for a trip of 8 days / 6 nights!

In any case, a wet season advertised brings moisture, rains, often more heat from the air and also from the sea, perfect for swimming. In the worst case, tropical storms can turn into cyclones which, according to their strength, sequester you between 3 to 5 days in your accommodation without being able to put the nose outside: lost!

So follow our advice if you can!
TropicsBeach.com helps you to optimize your holidays without too much risk and it's free!

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